TAB.Bond Offering you fixed term returns in the form of bonds so you can access the UK secured lending market.

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How it works

The investment bond is a fixed return of between 4.5% - 5% per annum dependent on term, with the interest paid monthly by TAB.

Icon TimeframesTimeframes

The length of the investment is 12 - 36 months.

  • Once this period is up, take your money back or roll over into another bond.
  • The money can be redeemed earlier if needed in case of an emergency.
  • If redeemed early, you'll forgo any interest that is owed to you.

Icon ReturnsTerms and Returns

The terms and returns of our bonds are as follows:

  • 12 months
    4.5% per annum
  • 24 months
    4.75% per annum
  • 36 months
    5% per annum

Icon PaymentsInterest Payments

All interest payments are paid monthly into a bank account of your choosing.

  • The bank can be anywhere in the world with the funds being remitted in GBP.

About TAB.

TAB was started by Duncan Kreeger and his team in 2018 because he wanted to give people more options in the UK property finance sector. His track record speaks for itself, having processed over £2.5bn of loans with full repayment to investors with his previous company West One Loans, with no loss of capital in his time.

He created the TAB Application to enable us to give people on all income levels the means to build a real property portfolio with real returns on investment, through the power of fractionalised asset ownership.

Duncan Kreeger

Duncan Kreeger

Founder and CEO

Mathura Paramjorthy

Mathura Paramjorthy

General Legal Council

Sarabjeet Bhoday

Sarabjeet Bhoday

Finance Director


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